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August 2012 FSI newsletter

Fire Sprinkler Initiative News

This is an archived edition of NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative newsletter. Since publication, some links may have broken or take you to different content. Read the latest issue and subscribe today . It's free, and once a month, you'll receive the latest news about NFPA's efforts to require fire sprinklers in all new homes.  

Fire Sprinkler Initiative News
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August 2012
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A rallying cry in the battle for home fire sprinklers
I fear that what we're experiencing in the fire sprinkler battle is what marathon runners refer to as 'The Wall'–a numb mind, zero energy and not enough muscle power to pull us through to the finish line. Fire Rescue Magazine's Timothy Sendelbach provides an excellent overview of the mighty influence of our nation's fire service, and why we need to rally to overcome the politics and other roadblocks that threaten our fire sprinkler efforts. “We owe it to those we serve not to submit in what is fast becoming one of our greatest battles,” he says.

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Act now for a $1,000 stipend to customize sprinkler PSAs for your community
The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition is looking to partner with fire departments to customize a series of public service announcements that spoof Hollywood myths about home fire sprinklers. The Coalition is offering $1,000 stipends to help fire departments tailor the PSAs. Only BUILT FOR LIFE fire departments are eligible, but it's free and easy to apply. Don't delay - only a few $1,000 stipends remain.
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Your family – and precious pets – are all safer with home fire sprinklers
In the home fire sprinkler debate, we always talk about sprinklers saving human lives. But conduct an internet search for ‘family pet dies in house fire’ and you'll see there's a whole other population that needs protection from fire too. “During my firefighter career, I was able to rescue pets from house fires, and also witnessed the death of many pets,” writes NFPA's Maria Figueroa.
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Maryland Fire Marshal wins sprinkler advocacy award
Bill Barnard, a long-time advocate for home fire sprinklers, has received this year's “Bringing Safety Home” award from NFPA and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition. The award celebrates the Maryland Fire Marshal's dedication to safety and his efforts in helping to pass legislation that requires the installation of home fire sprinklers in all new homes, along with a law that eliminates the option to opt out of the requirement.
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Fire deaths drop 21% in Maryland
In the past year, there has been a 21% decrease in fire fatalities in Maryland. Since 2011, all new homes in the state are required to have sprinklers. Before that law passed, 34 cities and counties had adopted the requirement by local ordinance. While cautiously optimistic with this year's data, fire officials remind residents that 73% of all structure fires in Maryland still occur where people assume they are safest: their homes.
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Montpelier requires sprinklers, offers tax credit
Currently, more than 400 U.S. communities require fire sprinklers in all homes. In Montpelier, VT, an ordinance was passed in 2006, before the requirement was included in all national model codes. The city's code also requires sprinklers when a renovation increases the footprint of the home by more than 50%. In 2008, the city went a step further and enacted a fire sprinkler property tax program, offering a tax credit of up to $2,500 to residents whose homes are protected with sprinklers.
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Dispelling myths about sprinklers and water damage
A myth perpetuated by sprinkler opponents is that water damage from a home fire sprinkler system is greater than fire damage. According to a series of reports compiled on our blog, water and fire damage is considerably less when sprinklers activate to control a home fire. One report shows that a fire sprinkler uses an average of 341 gallons of water to control a fire, while firefighters use an average of 2,935 gallons.
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Tennessee firefighters turn up the heat with sprinkler demo
Members of the Dyersburg (TN) Fire Department presented a live burn demonstration in late July to educate local residents about the power of home fire sprinklers. We think seeing is believing -- and that a side-by-side burn demonstration is one of the best ways to demonstrate the difference that home fire sprinklers make. Get a free guide on how to conduct a sprinkler demonstration in your community.
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Your local fire department needs your help
In the face of tight budgets, fire departments are finding it difficult to fund fire prevention and safety materials for their communities. Through Sparky's Wish List, your local fire departments can register for needed Fire Prevention Week materials, and you can fulfill those wishes. Materials start at $12.50, so even modest purchases can help. There are fire departments in every state that need your support.
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Want to be a video star?
NFPA and LEGOLAND® Florida want to make you a star! We'd like to see your rendition of the song “Put the Wet Stuff on the Hot Stuff” from The Big Test show at LEGOLAND Florida. Submit your video by September 12 and you could win LEGOLAND Florida admission tickets for four people, two nights of hotel accommodations for four people, and $2,000 towards travel expenses.
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