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May 2012 FSI newsletter

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May 2012
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Partnership means millions will learn about environmental impact of fire sprinklers
The highly-anticipated launch of the VISION House® exhibit in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot® took place, appropriately enough, on Earth Day in April. The exhibit, a full-sized show house located inside the theme park's 100,000-square foot INNOVENTIONS building, was launched by Green Builder® Media to present green living ideas in a fun and informative manner. NFPA partnered with Green Builder Media to present information about the environmental impact of home fire sprinklers. See photos, videos, and more.

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Exactly how do fire sprinklers help protect the environment?
In 2009, FM Global and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition undertook a revolutionary study to better understand the environmental impact of home fires. The study set out to look at total greenhouse gas production during a fire, the quantity of water required to extinguish the fire, the quality of water runoff, the potential impact of wastewater runoff on groundwater and surface water, and the mass of materials requiring disposal. Watch a video, read the report.
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Residential sprinkler bill signed in Maryland
A contingent of home fire sprinkler advocates gathered at the Maryland State House on May 2 as Governor Martin O'Malley signed legislation that prohibits local jurisdictions, with specified exceptions, from adopting local amendments to the Maryland Building Performance Standards if those amendments would weaken automatic fire sprinkler systems provisions contained in the standards.
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Minnesota vetoes anti-sprinkler legislation
Citing safety concerns and new methods of construction, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has vetoed SF1717, which would have prohibited local jurisdictions from requiring installation of automatic fire sprinklers in single family dwellings. “I take very seriously the concerns which fire safety professionals have expressed about the safety of home residents, their properties, and the lives of the men and women who courageously risk their lives to fight those fires,” said Governor Dayton.
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Alaska city offers homeowners a tax credit for installing home fire sprinklers
The city of Kenai, Alaska, recently passed an ordinance that provides a homeowner tax credit for the installation of residential sprinkler systems. Homeowners who install a sprinkler system will receive a tax credit up to the total cost of the installation of the system, or two dollars per square foot for the size of their home, not including their garage. Watch a video interview with Terry Bookey of the Kenai City Council.
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Illinois village considers home fire sprinklers
The village of Gurnee, IL, is this month deciding whether or not to require home fire sprinklers in new homes. “Gurnee will not be alone in tapping the benefit of this life-saving technology,” writes NFPA in a local op-ed piece. “There are many communities across the country, including 75 in Illinois, that require home fire sprinklers. The village board should better protect its citizens and firefighters by affording the protection of home fire sprinklers and not allow substandard homes to be built.”
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Sprinklers to be installed in all new housing in Yakama Nation
The Yakama Nation Housing Authority in Washington State is building a $27 million development, and all new homes in the project will be fully sprinklered. The local housing authority hopes the investment will save lives and property for years to come. “It's protecting your most vulnerable people, people that are elderly, people under 10,” said local firefighter Andy Babcock.
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13 things you need to know about the 2013 edition of NFPA 13
The new editions of NFPA's sprinkler standards (including NFPA 13D, the document that addresses the installation of sprinklers in one- and two-family and manufactured homes) will be presented at NFPA's Conference & Expo next month in Las Vegas. These documents contain a number of changes; NFPA's Matt Klaus provides an overview.
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“Fire Safety: No Mystery”
An acquaintance of NFPA President Jim Shannon recently argued that there was really no need for a fire department in his town because they had so few fires. “It is hard for me to keep cool when I hear people say things like that, especially when I hear it from someone who should know better,” says Jim.
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