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October 2012 FSI newsletter

Fire Sprinkler Initiative News

This is an archived edition of NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative newsletter. Since publication, some links may have broken or take you to different content. Read the latest issue and subscribe today . It's free, and once a month, you'll receive the latest news about NFPA's efforts to require fire sprinklers in all new homes.  

Fire Sprinkler Initiative News
Fire Sprinkler Initiative News
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October 2012
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Princella Lee Bridges talks about how her life changed after being burned in a home fire
A home fire, on what began as a normal evening in March 1992, changed Princella Lee Bridge's life forever. The injuries that Princella suffered were very serious. With burns over 49 percent of her body, she remained in a coma for two months. Princella has become a strong proponent for home fire sprinklers and recently shared her story of survival and advocacy at NFPA headquarters. She is featured as one of NFPA's “Faces of Fire”, a campaign designed to showcase real people telling personal stories to demonstrate the need for sprinklers. Princella is also in the process of retrofitting her home with fire sprinklers.

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Report compares water consumption in sprinklered vs. unsprinklered buildings
A report by the Fire Protection Research Foundation analyzes the estimated total fire protection water used in various building types. The report reveals that the water used during a fire in a sprinklered building is less than that in an unsprinklered building. It also shows that owners of unsprinklered buildings receive unlimited water in a fire scenario without increased cost, while the owner of a sprinklered building pays for the water used.
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What you need to know about integrating sprinklers with a well water supply system
Opponents of home fire sprinkler systems often cite extremely high costs associated with integrating NFPA 13D home fire sprinklers into a well water supply system. When well systems incorporate fire sprinklers at the start of the building process, they are set up to address this fire protection application. This is accomplished in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
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Sprinkler advocate shares Illinois' success with sprinkler ordinances at the community level
Illinois leads the country in the number of home fire sprinkler ordinances at the community level. Tom Lia of the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board (NIFSAB) provides a historical perspective on how the fire service has experienced success in adopting fire sprinkler requirements in new construction. Illinois now has 79 municipalities and fire districts with residential fire sprinkler ordinances, which include one- and two-family homes, following the NFPA 13D standard.
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New Jersey tragedy underscores the need for sprinklers in new homes
David Kurasz of the New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board wrote a letter to the editor citing a tragedy in Berkeley, NJ, on September 9, 2012, when a “quick-moving fire claimed the life of an elderly man” and injured one firefighter. The letter highlights the ability of home fire sprinkler systems to save lives and reduce risk to firefighters, and urges the passage of a bill that would require fire sprinklers in all newly constructed one- and two-family homes.
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Looking for documented fire sprinkler successes? There's a report for that
NFPA has published a report to document successful fire sprinkler activations. The incidents are divided by occupancy group, including one- and two-family homes, showing how sprinklers operate in real fires. The report contains a collection of previously published incidents, compiled from NFPA's studies of large-loss fires and NFPA Journal®. It shows that “sprinklers are highly effective, reliable weapons in the fight to save lives and property from fire.”
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Fire sprinklers prove their worth in Illinois cooking fire
A cooking fire that spread to kitchen cabinets at a home in Glen Ellyn, IL, was quickly extinguished by one sprinkler located in the kitchen. The fire department arrived and removed a small amount of water from the kitchen floor. “Fire and smoke damage was kept to a minimum because of the sprinkler system working so quickly,” said Lt. Donald Iacobazzi of the Glen Ellyn Volunteer Fire Company.
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Fire sprinklers could have made a difference in fatal fire
Two children, ages 3 and 4, died and a babysitter was injured in a recent home fire in Pittsburgh, PA. Neighbors could hear the smoke alarm sounding and the children screaming. Young children are unable to make decisions about escaping, especially in a fast moving, toxic fire, due to contents made of plastic materials found in today's modern homes. Fire sprinklers provide additional escape time, an important consideration for this high-risk group.
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Cooking equipment remains top cause of home structure fires
According to a new NFPA report, cooking remains top cause of home structure fires. Based on research by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the report also cited that cooking was the #1 cause of home structure fires. For every household cooking fire reported to the fire department, there were 50 cooking equipment fires that were not reported. Forty-two percent of reported home fires started in the kitchen or cooking area, and are the third-leading cause of home fire deaths.
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Fire Safety Design and Sustainable Buildings Symposium in Chicago November 7-8
The Fire Protection Research Foundation will present Fire Safety Design and Sustainable Buildings: Challenges and Opportunities, November 7-8, in Chicago. As part of the program, architects, engineers, the sustainability community and research institutions will provide perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of integrating fire safety and sustainable design. Deadline for online registration is November 6. On-site registration will be available.
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