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  • December 2011
    See what happens when a house is burning and the fire department is on its way; NFPA and Massachusetts fire service rally at the State House for fire sprinklers; sprinkler bill moves out of NJ Assembly committee; Maryland adopts new code updates that require sprinklers
  • November 2011
    Massachusetts fire officials and NFPA protest the state's new building code which omits the provision to require home fire sprinklers in new construction; a new report looks at fire fatalities and property loss in Pennsylvania homes; NFPA welcomes sprinkler advocate Jeff Hudson to its staff.
  • October 2011
    Watch the new "Faces of Fire" video featuring a home builder in Canada who promotes the use of residential sprinklers; AirTran's in-flight magazine features a home fire sprinkler ad
  • September 2011
    Read the results of recent NFPA surveys that gauged understanding of the U.S. fire problem and the life saving role sprinklers play; a Marlyand sprinkler save is highlighted
  • August 2011
    Read the updated sprinkler resolution passed by the Confederation of Fire Protection Associations-International; a survey on fire sprinklers is held at the National Conference of State Legislators
  • July 2011
    Watch a video of NFPA President Jim Shannon's impassioned speech responding to anti-sprinkler legislation and challenges facing supporters of sprinkler requirements. Also, an interview with NFPA's Maria Figueroa and HFSC's Peg Paul regarding home sprinkler misconceptions
  • June 2011
    Read the new report on the U.S. experience with fire sprinklers which features statistics on how often sprinklers are reported in fires, by property use, and their estimated impact in reducing the average loss of life and property per fire. Also, legislation progress throughout the country is featured
  • May 2011
    Watch a video from one of many side-by-side demonstrations proving the life saving power of fire sprinklers; Guy Santelli, a fire inspector in Wisconsin who built his new home with sprinklers, is featured in a "Faces of Fire" video
  • April 2011
    Watch NFPA senior engineer Matt Klaus talk about the new Tentative Interim Amendments regarding antifreeze in sprinkler systems; Tonya Hoover, Acting State Fire Marshal in California, is featured in a new "Faces of Fire" video
  • March 2011
    A Pennsylvania newspaper rejects an NFPA ad that supports home sprinkler requirements; new "Faces of Fire" video features Anne Mazzolo, whose home was saved by fire sprinklers
  • February 2011
    Firefighters rally in support of Pennsylvania sprinkler requirements; Meredith Hawes, a public educator for the Traverse City (MI) Metro Fire Department, is the focus of our "Faces of Fire" project
  • January 2011
    Watch a new "Faces of Fire" video featuring a legislative sprinkler success in California; photos from a side-by-side sprinkler demonstration in Orlando


  • December 2010
    Irv and Cathy Bailey lost two grandchildren in a Christmas 2009 house fire; test your home fire sprinkler IQ
  • November 2010
    New "Faces of Fire" campaign puts a face on the need for home fire sprinklers; new report looks at incentives for the use of sprinklers in U.S. communities
  • October 2010
    Fire departments show the difference sprinklers can make; New NFPA report: "U.S. Experience with Sprinklers and Other Fire Extinguishing Equipment"
  • September 2010
    NFPA chief engineer talks about antifreeze issue; New report looks at sprinkler performance in homes with sloped and beamed ceilings
  • August 2010
    Additional testing completed on antifreeze in residential sprinkler systems; Ten tips: use op-eds to make your case
  • July 2010
    NFPA issues safety alert regarding antifreeze in residential sprinklers; Award to honor fire chief for local sprinkler efforts
  • June 2010
    New map tracks anti-sprinkler legislation; Michigan demonstration illustrates need for home sprinklers
  • May 2010
    Advocates push for sprinkler acceptance, adoption; Debunking the "new homes are safer" argument
  • April 2010
    NFPA receives grant to develop fire service resources for sprinkler campaign; Live-fire demonstrations raise awareness
  • March 2010
    States make gains, but legislative threats to home sprinklers remain on horizon; How are communities using incentives to support sprinklers?
  • February 2010
    Are home fire sprinkler opponents threatening safety in your state?; Debunking arguments against home sprinklers
  • January 2010
    States say "yes" to sprinkler requirements; Initial results of sprinkler impact study to be released in Las Vegas


  • December 2009
    Podcast, report demonstrate sprinkler benefit; NFPA endorses campaign urging residents to install smoke alarms and sprinklers
  • November 2009
    Sprinkler provision to remain in the next edition of IRC; Study shows ease of integrating sprinklers with local water supply systems
  • October 2009
    New report shows benefits of home fire sprinkler; New research study to help determine if fire sprinklers are "green"
  • September 2009
    Support needed to keep sprinkler provision in the IRC; Map of ordinances added to Fire Sprinkler Initiative® website
  • August 2009
    Opponents use misleading percentages on survival and death; USFA supports requirements for sprinklers in all new residential construction
  • July 2009
    New study shows that sprinkler requirements are not detrimental to housing starts; Lightweight construction in newer homes hazardous to firefighters
  • June 2009
    Live burns demonstrate life-saving technology; Extreme Home Makeover features top of the line fire protection in recent build
  • May 2009
    Fire organizations stand together; Sprinkler costs
  • April 2009
    The case for home fire sprinklers; Big win in fight against anti-sprinkler legislation