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NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative provides the latest research, reports, and statistics to equip advocates with the facts to support the requirement for home fire sprinklers.

The cost of home fire sprinklers
Home Fire Sprinkler Cost Assessment
Fire Protection Research Foundation, September 2013
This study compares current home fire sprinkler system costs against a 2008 benchmark study to gain a better understanding of how increasingly widespread adoption of sprinkler ordinances impacts system cost. Using a larger sample size, the current study attempts to gain a better understanding of the impact of sprinkler ordinances on home fire sprinkler system cost and other factors that affect system cost. In the 2013 report, the average cost per sprinklered square foot was $1.35. In the 2008 report, the average cost per sprinklered square foot was $1.61.

Read a story highlighting how increased demand, cheaper materials, and trade-ups are driving down the cost of home fire sprinklers.

Kathleen Almand of the Fire Protection Research Foundation talks about the sprinkler cost report and how it compares to a similar study conducted in 2008.

In This Section

  • Fire behavior   Review the latest reports on how fire interacts with today's homebuilding materials
  • Fire loss and injuries   Learn the latest statistics on the damaging impact of fire on lives and property
  • Sprinkler performance and benefits   Discover how sprinkler ordinances can reduce home fire deaths and positively impact a community's housing market
  • Water usage   Learn about water consumption in sprinklered homes and how sprinkler installation impacts water supply systems
  • Environmental impact of fire sprinklers    The findings of a groundbreaking study show that greenhouse gases released by burning buildings can be reduced by 98% when automatic fire sprinklers are installed.